Sunday, May 25, 2008

Musical roommates (by Hydrangea)

My roommates Cecilia and Ingrid are so amazing! I could not have asked for more compatible roomies. We all love and are involved in musical ventures!

[editor's note: Hydrangea uses more exclamation points than I do. -dks]

Cecilia plays the cello and a bunch of other instruments, and Ingrid plays wind instruments. I am ALSO a cello player...lapsed for a few years...and a singer. I suggested to them that we create a Ravenclaw Chamber Ensemble and would love for any other musical 'Claws to join us. If we don't get many members, that's OK, because we can always borrow some Charmed instruments to help with accompaniment. We've been up all hours trying to arrange music for two cellos and a clarinet. It is an unusual combination but quite lovely, I think.

In other news: I think I am finally getting the hang of being at Hogwarts. For homework this week, I made a big boo-boo, though; our Head Girl posted a cryptogram and I didn't have time to get to it, then I was reading some of the other students' postings and I ACCIDENTALLY saw the answer before I had done the work myself. I do not believe in plagiarism, but I also don't want for us to lose points for the House! I was really upset, because of course both of my roommates had done the work, and they said as long as I was honest I should post the answer just in case.

Can you keep a secret?
The headquarters for the order of the phoenix is at no. 12 grimmauld place.

What is the order of the phoenix? is it a group anyone can join?


Lavender Diggory-Dolohov said...

Thank you so much for the postcard. I LOVE tulips. I miss flowers, especially spring blooming flowers. Thanks again!!

K Johnston said...

It's okay about the homework- it's Quidditch now that we have to worry about! (: Keep your chin up!

We'll get those squeaky Charmed instruments all worked out, don't you worry!