Wednesday, May 21, 2008

An animalistic conundrum (by Hydrangea)

So much to write about! This first term at Hogwarts is spinning my head. I am so lucky to have the nicest roommates of all time, Cecilia and Ingrid, who are helping me figure out what it means to be a witch!

First off, I came without an animal. I soon realized, however, that I needed a companion. My roommate Cecilia has a frog that she loves dearly and seeing her with her animal pal made me realize that I needed a companion, too. Cecilia is very thoughtful and analytical about these things, and we stayed up late into the night discussing the pros and cons of various animals.

Finally, though, practicality trumped theory (and when does that ever happen for a 'Claw??). As I mentioned, my da has been communicating with me A LOT about what it's like at Hogwarts. I practically could have set up my bed in the Owlery for the amount of time I was spending each day trudging up and down the stairs with notes to send off to Da or Auntie Coriolis, because they have asked me to help them with their anecdotal data for the paper they're writing on "The Transitional Experiences of a Student from a Non-Magical (Muggle) Family into the Magical (Non-Muggle) Community."

I told them they need to get a better title.

Anyway, it soon became clear to me that I needed an owl. The problem was that I am also concerned about Da's confidentiality. You see, the Ministry agreed to let him continue to do his fieldwork as an undercover Muggle; he's a Squib anyway, my mum and brother are non-magical, so there's no problem with the family staying in London and Da continuing his research and reporting. But there can't very well be an owl flying in and out of the house at all hours, could there? Then Cecilia had a brainwave! What about a raven? They are common birds, found all over Europe and North America, highly intelligent, live quite a long time, and are good fliers. A raven flying in the city would be much less conspicuous than an owl of any sort. I asked my head of House and she said they could surely make an exception in my special case, considering Da's position with the Ministry.

My raven is on order from Diagon Alley and I can't wait! I think I will name her Scylla. In the meantime, I will keep making the trip up and down the stairs, reporting on my experiences. Auntie C said she may want to visit Hogwarts to collect some data in person.

Oh, and my other roommate? Ingrid and I have hit it off so very well! She and I both have interest in becoming Hogwarts professors someday--she in International Magic Cooperation (I think she might like an exchange year at Beauxbatons, because she is already fluent in French!!) and me in Muggle Studies. I also want to do as much writing as I can here--I think the state of the wizarding press is just terrible, especially that horrible Rita Skeeter, and I wonder how one gets a job with the Daily Prophet??


Ingrid said...

Oh! A Raven! How totally 'Clawesome!! :D That's a great idea, Hydrangea! *high fives*

I would absolutely love to spend some time over at Beauxbatons... that would be like a dream come true! I know working with the department of International Magical Cooperation would be great! I know I'd surely get some expereience, then!

Let me know when you get your Scylla. (: We won't have to worry about her trying to get at the Betta I'm going to get this weekend- the tank needs a lid so he can't jump out. ^^; (Do ravens eat little fish? Eeek...)

Cecilia said...

That IS fabulous!

I think as long as Scylla is introduced to Ingrid's and my animals, we won't have much to worry about. I hope! :)