Sunday, November 18, 2007

In which I bemoan my hard drive

So: the good news: we have replaced the camera cable (only took us 3 months) and now have uploading capability once more. Huzzah!

The bad news: our hard drive is AT CAPACITY. We can't foer the life of us figure out how or why. We moved all of our iTunes and our iPhoto files to a peripheral hard drive last year...but this 8-year-old purple iMac with its itsy-bitsy 10 gig hard drive is simply stuffed.

Side note: remember when 1 gig was huge? Now one gig is a key chain, and I'm complaining to the guys at the Mac store on Friday night--I was dropping off three of my school lab computers, long story--that the new iPod touch, which I covet covet COVET is "too small to be practical."

Anyway, the Grape Ape here didn't even have enough memory to make a new FOLDER for me to put in my one knitting photo so's I could link it here. That's how dire the situation is. And it leaves me yet a photo-less knitblogger. I think the issue is that we're still running both OS X and OS 9, since much, ok, most, ok, ALL of our software is pre-21st century. Might be time to let go of a) the "Classic" environment or b) the computer itself.

Here's a list of works in progress:

  1. Celtic Cap, in black Cascade 220 superwash, for M. I'm making it on size 7s (my last one was on 6s) with a 1.25" hem instead of the rollbrim in the hopes it will fit his huge-ish noggin (24.5"). I'm a little nervous that I may not have enough yarn because the hem, of course, ate up a lot of real estate. (Should have used a different color on the inside of the hem. D'oh.) Worst comes to worst? I'll frog back to the halfway point and finish in a different color--I don't think I can match this yarn because I lost the ballband and the store where I bought it closed in August.
    I'm on row 28 of the 48-row chart; over halfway row-wise but (obviously) more like 3/4 yarn-wise since we're decreasing every 3-4 rows.
  2. Baby E's sweater: still on the left front.
  3. Panda Wool socks: riverbed architecture from New Pathways for Sock Knitters. Size 1s. For me! Moving up the leg on sock 1.
  4. two cabled baby hats in my school colors for colleauges with new babies. Hope they still fit by the time I finish. Another colleague just adopted a child from Ethiopia, so I need to get a child-sized one on the needles for him.
  5. NO LACE!
Happy Thanksgiving--I'm hoping to be thankful for some hard drive space.