Monday, March 19, 2007

The Wearin' O' The Green

I've had the girl from auntie's Celtic Cap pattern for a few months now. Saint Patrick's Day being last week, it seemed fitting to spend a couple of days last week knitting this up.

I really like this pattern. The cables gave a bit of challenge--I used grumperina's method for cabling w/o a cable needle, which really speeds things up--and the overall knit was fast, clean, and satisfying. The directions seem intimidating--12 pages for a HAT pattern?--but that's only because they are so thorough, and because the designer provides a worksheet for resizing to fit one's gauge and/or the recipient's head...alternate cable charts for shorter or longer cables...and some really clear instructions for all of the chart symbols.

Details: Cascade 220 color ___ (need to dig out the ballband). Used two size 6 circulars because I don't have a 16" size 6... The pattern said you need 220 yards of worsted but this must be a conservative estimate--I'd guess I still have about 1/4 to 1/3 of the skein left.

I wore the hat on Saint Patrick's Day--of course--and trotted it out again today whilst the kids and I ran errands. Today also marked the first day I have worn two of my own handknit items. My Silja too-big-but-I-love-'em-anyway socks and the hat. I probably looked like I was celebrating a few days too late, but oh well.

They're not quite the same green, but who could tell?

This having been such a positive experience--I think I'm ready to tackle Rogue. Or Eris.


Lolly said...

Green is green! They look good together! :) Love the hat!

Dipsy said...

What a totally awesome hat this is, and you've knit it up so beautifully! Fantastic job! I have to say I would have probably been turned off by a 12-page-pattern for a hat, but then again, as you said, the direction obviously are so thorough that things just can't go wrong - thus said, I'll be sure to give it a try too!

Kim said...

Nice celtic pattern for St. Patrick's day. Good timing, that. And the hat came out really nicely.