Monday, March 26, 2007


We've had a soaking-wet winter, and the last two weeks have been absolutely depressing. The daily deluge, the whistling winds, and the cold temperatures kept us indoors and on the verge of Seasonal Affective Disorder (not to mention Crazy Four-year-old Disorder, which manifests itself with extreme costume changes, high-pitched whining, and uncontrollable racing up and down the hallway). The few times we ventured out, we'd return chilled--especially Baby E, no matter how many layers--and damp.

Hence my excitement when I awoke to this view out the front window:

Blue skies. Clearly glimpsable mountains. (These are in Canada, in case you were wondering--our window faces north. Probably someday I should find out what they're called.)

We went for a run--me running, the kids in the double stroller (makes 1.75 miles feel like 4)--and are headed for the park this afternoon. Ahhh.

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Dipsy said...

What a very beautiful pic - I can so imagine that this lifted your spirits considerably! It's strange, so many places around the world seemed to have a really nasty, gray, cold and wet winter this year - we here in the Austrian Alps who are usually quite used to this kind of weather had no winter at all this time around - we didn't get any snow in the valleys and most of the days were beautifully warm, almost spring-like, with blue skies and awesome temperatures! Very strange indeed - but mind you, we all enjoyed that immensly!
I sure have my fingers crossed for you that you'll be getting a really beautiful and warm spring to make up for the cold winter!