Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bubble Arms

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I have hit a snag. Or rather, a bubble.

I blithely started working down the left sleeve of M's sweater, and have worked, as you can see, an AWFUL LOT of the sleeve. Like, 90% of the sleeve. And, according to the pattern, with my personal gauge, I should work until about 38 sts are left. But I am nearly there and I have over! 60! stitches left. That is 1/3 TOO MANY. 50% too many.


So, before I pop myself out of bubble (sleeve) that is denial, I am going to FINISH the sleeve, having dramatically increased the rate of my decreases. (From 2 sts every 6 rounds to 4 sts every 4 rounds) And I'll see what it looks like on my husband. And I already know that it will look like he's an escapee from a quasi-Elizabethan road show. (But I hope not.)

As my grandpa says, I should have used my head to save my feet and double-checked my guesstimate rate of decreases before I began.


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Lavender A said...

Sending good knitting vibes your way, to help deal with the pain of Frogging. Alcohol usually also does the trick ;)