Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Definitions of reality

Twin Mariner Baby Beanies
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Some friends of mine just adopted twin infants from Ethiopia. I visited yesterday, and after listening to their story--of traveling, of food poisoning, of unexpected medical tests and celebrations and long flights--I wondered, in awe of their strength and of these two beautiful children, who defines what makes a "real" parent? Becoming adoptive parents, they labored just as long and hard as I did becoming a biological mom. Some of the best parents I know aren't traditional--they're adoptive, or step, or even just honorary. Sounds cheesy, but it's the love and the commitment that makes the difference.

So I made these hats for the twinnies, to celebrate their joining our community. They're nearly identical, but not quite...

I'm also stepping out myself these days, joining a few more communities of my own, trying to make some more connections and have a little fun. There's a new button on my sidebar now, for a group I've joined, and I may be sharing some blog entries here with a young Hogwarts student named Hydrangea MacDuff. Hydrangea may get her own blog--we'll see how much she feels like writing.

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Kranenburg Family said...

What a lovely post. Wonderful thoughts... wonderful hats. I lurve you!