Thursday, May 01, 2008

And now for our feature presentation

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I don't usually impulse buy, but when KnitPicks came out with their new Gloss Lace and I saw it was a wool/silk blend like my beloved Zephyr Wool-Silk, I snapped up two skeins. I even took a photo of the brand new skeins and entered it in my ravelry stash. (Since I don't have much stash, I hadn't entered anything in it before. I still don't have much stash, entered on ravelry or in real life; it all fits in one four-drawer metal-mesh cart.)

I saw that Ravelry needed a photo of this new yarn and I submitted mine, and it was chosen as one of the featured photos for the yarn.

Pretty cool to be an early adopter.


Clumsy Knitter said...'ll have to report back and tell us what you think of it! It looks good so far! ;-)

Toni said...

Oh, that looks so soft!!!!! I am not even visiting the Knitpicks website until the Year of the Stash is over. Too much temptation!

And totally impressed with your Ravelry picture--I'm just getting around to putting project pictures up, and only VERY recently discovered how to center them. Whoo--time me with a calendar!