Saturday, May 17, 2008

Body, complete!

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The Wedding Band Celtic Cable top-down raglan is progressing nicely. This photo is bizarre--the color of the yarn is really a greenish-tobacco-brownish heather, but it keeps coming out as anything but brown OR green when I try to photograph it. (Maybe it was the fact that today was the first true sunny, warm day since EVER in the PNW, and my camera didn't know how to deal with the ACTUAL SUNLIGHT coming in the window???)

I finished up the body on Wednesday or Thursday, then got M. to confirm the length was OK; he also decided that he wanted it hemmed rather than having ribbing. He fears the blousing effect. It took another couple of days for me to figure out what secret message to knit into the hem...stay tuned...


K Johnston said...

I didn't realize you could do cables on ragalans! Is it top-down!

And, I just have to give props to another Muggle teacher- I'm a muggle French teacher myself! :D

Lavender Diggory-Dolohov said...

Absolutely beautiful!!! I am so jealous. I have not attempted a sweater yet.