Saturday, May 03, 2008

Climb the Trellis

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Here's the start of my French Trellis scarf from Victorian Lace Today.

Even if you're not a lace knitter--and I'm certainly no expert, just an advanced beginner with a couple of projects under my belt--you will love to look at this book. The history...the photography...the lovely projects from simple to crazy-hard...Mine was a library copy, but I've got it on my wish list!

The knitting is going well, and I'm using my new KnitPicks Harmony Options wood needles, which is much better than using metal like I did for the Mystery Stole. Plus the colors--both of the needles and of the yarn--make me very happy.

I'll be interested to see how the Gloss Lace looks once it's been blocked; so far it's not as soft as the Zephyr, but has nice stitch definition and is not rough by any stretch of the imagination. The sheen of the silk really makes the pattern glow.

This is my first lace project that incorporates YOs on both sides and though that means I actually have to pay attention on the WS rows, rather than simply purling back, it's fun to learn a new skill. I loves me some charts, and Sowerby's are clear and easily readable.

The construction of the scarf is also interesting; what you see in the photo is one END of the scarf, which you work sideways. Then you PU a row of slipped sts from one end (you can see the little loopies at the top of the photo) and work the middle of the scarf, finishing off with working the other end sideways & attaching it simultaneously to the middle. (Sowerby explains it better.)

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Clumsy Knitter said...

That is such a pretty color yarn! I have been thinking about getting that book. It will be interesting to watch your progress and see what you think of the book as you're going through the project. Looks good so far! :)