Tuesday, December 05, 2006

My life, my (new) blog

I like the idea of seeing people's real handwriting. I think handwriting says a lot about a person.

I first saw this over at Fricknits.

I am not going to apologize for the semi-unflattering photo, even though that was, sadly, was my first instinct...I absolutely love this picture of baby E and me on her first day in the world. Considering I had just given birth for the second time with no drugs and/or epidural, I think I look pretty damn good! Why use drugs when you can have endorphins?


Kelly said...

Absolutely. Beautiful picture, and beautiful handwriting. Thanks for de-lurking at my blog -- glad you're dropping by. Best, Kelly

JulieFrick said...

I think it's a beautiful photo. Eleanor is gorgeous, and so is her mommy!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful shot! Nothing beats the day of your child's birth. And nothing is as lovely as a new mother.