Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Milestones, Knitting & Otherwise

I've had so many posts bopping around in my head that I'm amazed I did not post in the past week.

It's been a week of milestones:

1. I have nearly finished My First Socks. They are a gift for M and are the Thuja pattern from Knitty. I'm a bit nervous, because I ordered one too few skeins and then quick ordered another, and it's been two weeks. assures me that #3 shipped, but I am still nervous. Because it would just be horrible if I did this huge knitting task, including learning how to turn heels, do gussets, and then one sock stayed undone. Or had to be done in a different colorway. My LYS carries the Artyarns Supermerino, but didn't have the color I used (Cappucino 137). Since M. wears khaki pants nearly every day--nothing covers the detritus of third grade like khaki--this yummy light brown was just the ticket. Here's hoping it arrives SOON.

2. I received my first box from KnitPicks. It took almost a week...I couldn't figure out why, because they are located only about 250 miles away, in Vancouver, Wash, but then when the box came I realized that their distribution center is in the Midwest. Ah. I ordered sock yarn (two colors) and some sportweight cashmere blend for moebius scarves. I also ordered their new teeny circulars (sizes 2 and 3) for sock-making purposes. I do love my few Addis, but these are a bit more affordable, and I've heard good things from the blogosphere. We'll see.

3. Baby E had her First Plane Ride. We flew to Spokane to celebrate #4 below. She did wonderfully on three out of four of the flights--when we were able to nurse during takeoff she was a champ, but on the hot and squished-between-two-businessmen flight to Spokane from Seattle, her latent Irishness surfaced and bansheeing ensued. Lucky it was only an hour.

4. My grandmother turned 90 and the family turned out en masse: all seven of her children plus spouses, nine of ten grandchildren, and nine of ten great-grands. (Yes, that means that D was the only absent great-grand.) The party made the front page of the Daily Bee and about half the town turned out, or so it seeemd. GH was exhausted--she IS 90, after all. It is so hard to see her in a wheelchair.

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