Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Most Expensive Socks in the World

Socks for Christmas. That was the idea, a month ago when I impulse-bought the yarn to make Knitty's Thuja socks for M.

Things I Have Learned:

1. When impulse-shopping online, make sure you buy the right number of skeins.
2. Seems self-evident, but I've learned How to Make a Sock. Including heel stitch, heel turn, gusset, picking up stitches, toe, and kitchener. Whew, and Yay!
3. Sock making, even when Extremely Frustrating, is also AWESOME.
4. When you slink shamefacedly into your LYS to purchase another skein of Artyarns Supermerino since the internet source for your original yarn has totally let you down in the third skein department and you need to finish these socks SOON (because shapeless mass of yarn on Addi Turbos doesn't quite give that Holiday Vibe) your almost-four-year-old will pick a color you never dreamed of for the new contrast toes and it will look AWESOME.
5. That trick about threading a lifeline when ripping back is a great one. And really works.

Since my LYS didn't have the original color I was using (Cappucino 137), and I wouldn't probably have ended up with the same dyelot, anyway, I decided to rip out the toe on sock #1 and do a contrast toe. Mr. D chose a bright, warm orange which looks wonderful with the warm variegated browns and cocoas and creams of the Cappucino.

I threaded a lifeline:

Ripped out the toe:

And ended up with this:

Will it be enough? Stay tuned.

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JulieFrick said...

Those Thujas rock! I'm so glad it was enough, and I LOVE the contrast toe! It's like a little secret in your shoes. Shhh...