Monday, December 04, 2006

Gauge Woes

I finished the Noro armwarmers, only to discover two things:

1. I grew to like the yarn more and more as I worked with it, getting more comfortable and facile with its squishy wooly goodness.
2. The left armwarmer, knitted second, is almost an inch longer AND looser-fitting.

This means that I probably was getting actual gauge there by the end (and the fabric looks better and the armwarmer fits better, too...) So now I'm stuck wondering if I should a) unravel #1 and reknit or b) start over on the right one, aiming to match the colorway better?

I'm leaning toward b) but the choice feels daunting, because it means committing to another project whilst trying to finish some secret squirrel projects for Christmas. What to do?


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