Friday, May 18, 2007

In which Harry and Harvey resurface

Yes, Harvey and Harry are still in progress. Still.

My husband does not have big feet, but he does have long legs. He requested socks that went all the way up to the belly of his calf muscle. No problem, said I.

Next time, I'll know better.

I got this far (my legs for photo purposes):

and had this much yarn left:
Yep. (Toe-up next time.) Luckily my LYS still had the same dye lot in stock, so it was another $15 and I'm still working. Just started the toes today.

The things we do for love...


Dipsy said...

Oy! But I'm really glad to hear that you got more of the yarn in the same dye-lot - and these socks will look awesome (they actually already do!)

Katie said...

They certainly look warm!