Tuesday, May 08, 2007

In which I (re)meet a knitbot

I vowed to post daily until my birthday, May 11. I'm nearly there. "But, Dana," you exclaim, "You didn't post yesterday."

Well, technically you're correct. But I wrote this current post IN MY HEAD yesterday while shuttling children, chasing cats, running around lakes, and avoiding my daughter's bedroom whilst she was sleeping because the poor morsel has a horrible cold and sounds like Big Bird sleeping and needed me not to be clickety clacking in the background while she tosses in her snuffly mucus-filled crib.

So I'll post this one this morning, another one--with pictures, I promise--this afternoon, and I'll be caught up to my own goal.

I love how life works, that whole six-degrees-0f-separation thing. I am a pattern finder, a weaver together, a looker-for-the-meaning-in-the-chaos kind of person. Maybe that's why I like knitting and quilting--because they bring order and beauty from seeming waste? So I'm always pleasantly surprised when life brings me one of those "Small world!" kind of jewels. Like when we met a guy from my husband's home town when we were living in Texas. Like when I found out that our school's police officer had my dad as his junior high wrestling coach. Like when one of my colleagues turned out to be my college ex-boyfriend's best friend from high school. (OK, that one was a little uncomfortable.)

On Sunday we were grocery shopping, the four of us, when I heard a familiar voice say, "Dana?"

It was my friend Janet, once my best friend from about eighth through tenth grade. Although our friendship waned in the final years of high school, we ended up going to the same college and would see each other just often enough to sort of reconnect, but not really. Our lives, our choices, were different, and we could never get past the "This is who you USED to be" in order to see the "This is who you ARE." But this time there was a different vibe. As we stood in the produce section and quickly updated each other on lives and loves, there was just something different--two women, two friends, both happy with their lives and ready to reconnect. And as we exchanged e-mail addresses, I saw her username: knitbot.

"Are you knitting?" I asked. Yes, was the answer, and spinning, too. (and blogging, too, I just found out, but not sure if I'm ready to share knitsmith-wordpurl with anyone I know in real life yet.)

A knitter now. That explains it.

So I'm hoping for a get-together, a couple bottles of beer and a knitting project or two to share, and maybe, just maybe, the rekindling of an old bond?

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