Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Man, I know I'm not the first to think this, but that Elizabeth Zimmermann is a frickin' genius.

I'm scooting along at a fair pace on Mr. D's sweater, ready to unite the body and sleeves.

Stats: Cascade 220 in Blue and Ruby; size 7 KA bamboo circs. I used a 16-incher for the body and both a 24" and 16" to do both sleeves at once. (Next time I'll use two 24" or possibly a 24" and a 32". The 16" got a bit tight.) The stripe pattern is my own design, based on those cool ombre-stripe blankets you can buy on the beach in Mexico. After 7-8" of body, I started the stripe pattern:

1 row red
5 rows blue
2 rows red
4 rows blue
3 rows red (stop here)

The plan:
unite body with blue
3 rows blue (counting first uniting row)
4 rows red
2 rows blue
5 rows red
1 row blue
continue in red for the remainder of the body.

Basically you graduate the stripes until the colors have switched places. Depending on how much blue I have left, I may finish the neck ribbing with a few rows of blue.

I'm a bit nervous about these holes:

These are where I added the new colors. EZ says just to start knitting and close up the holes when you sew in the ends...OK, I have faith in the EZ.

I'm also a bit nervous about the length of the body and/or the arms. I went with long-ish arms, since Mr. D is quite the beanpole these days. But will he look like a monkey??

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Kim said...

Ooh, I like the colors. Someday I'll do an EZ sweater - I've seen them all around blogland.