Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I'm Quivering

The quiver project is done.

I'm reasonably pleased with how the felt turned out--it's not as felt-y as I would have liked, but I was pretty sure that it would come out more floppy than solid because I used size 10s instead of size 13s as called for in the pattern--there wasn't much room for the felt to plump up because the original fabric was so dense.

There has to be a Zen lesson here: one must knit a looser, airier fabric to yield a thicker, chewier felt.
The quiver dried completely over the weekend, even in our non-ventilated laundry room, so today's project was to sew and attach the strap. We went with fabric-store felt left over from his Halloween costume. (Perfectionist alert: It bugged me me that the greens don't match. Bugged me so much that I tried to convince him to go with some brown fabric instead, but he wanted the kelly green. After coming to my senses--hello, it's his toy/costume/whatever--I finally decided that the customer is always right.)

I cut two strips 3.5" wide and machine-sewed them together. We had several try-ons--it's rather hard to pin things when your model is a squirrely four-year-old--and I finally got the right angles for the strap to support the quiver. I then hand-stitched both edges of the strap to the quiver, using a wide blanket stitch for looks and stability. I overlapped the strap ends by about four inches (so I can resize it down the road if he still wants to play Robin Hood but has grown bigger), then did the Moebius twist, then machine stitched across in two places to keep the strap flat.

Mr. D loved it, spending at least half an hour crafting a bow and arrows out of paper, yarn, bendy straws, and aluminum foil (for the arrowheads).

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