Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Double Your Pleasure?

With some Christmas money, I subscribed to Interweave Knits. (Sorry, just got back from teaching SAT prep class, which apparently screws with my ability to construct effective sentences.)

I bought my first issue in November (Winter 2006) and fell in love with about half the projects. Some quibbles--it's heavy on words and I'm finding myself to be a chart person--but overall just pure infatuation. Had to have it. But since the KnitSmith household has cashmere tastes on a Red Heart budget this year...staying home with the kids and all...I waited to send off the little card until I had my "convertible" from Dad.

I thought for sure the new issue would be arriving soon.

It's February, after all, and that little rodent is predicting spring...so my heart leaped into my throat when I saw yarn on the back cover of a magazine in my mailbox today. Time for spring knits...cottony goodness...and then I saw that it was--heart sinking to shoes--the Winter issue. Again. With the shawl-collar cardigan on the cover. There had to be some mistake.

Are you kidding me? A quarterly publication sending out a three-month old issue and calling it good? When the next issue appears on newsstands on February 20th? (Yep, I checked the website.) I'm not wasting 25% of my subscription money on an issue I already paid $7.00 for. That's two lattes, people, and I haven't been to Starbucks in a month.

(OK, that last part's a lie. I live in Washington therefore I also practically live at Starbucks. But I haven't had a latte since Christmas, just drip. The sacrifices I make so my children can eat!)

So I sent off a pretty-please e-mail to them and I'm hoping to hear back soon. Or the next e-mail won't be so nice. I may demand a latte for my pains.

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Ginnie said...

One of my big pet peeves is the magazines sending you back issues and calling uit fair. I always cpmplain and they always will make it right. But I can't wait for the spring issue.

I live jsut a tiny bit away from you. Can't remember where I found the link to here. But I love the shoes.