Thursday, January 11, 2007

Second sock success (so far)

Alligator foot #2 is progressing nicely. Just eight more rows (two more pattern repeats of the corded rib pattern) and I'll be ready to start the heel flap.

Even though they are probably a size too big, I love these things. I love the color, the wooliness, the Norwegian words on the ballband. Good thing, because Allinda, AKA Blue-Haired Upseller Extraordinaire, sold me three balls of the stuff -- "Yoost in case, dear" -- and I'm clearly going to need only two. What do you do with one ball of sock yarn?

I was grousing about this to my sister who reminded me that she lives down the street from Allinda's Palace O' Acrylic, Mildew, and a Little Bit of Heaven...and so could go in and buy me one in the same dyelot if still available. (I'm doubting Allinda has had a big run on green Silja Strompegarn since December 27th, so this plan seems workable.)

Which brings me to my personal triumph: I have turned my sister on to knitting. She's made two MDK ballband warshrags and has already been surfing yarn on the net. (MDK Rule # whatever: You will google "yarn.")

There's a part of me that wants to keep this my own private domain. It's a bit of power trip to be able to do something no one in your family can do. But the benefits of having a yarn store shopping buddy...someone to share pattern books with...and most of all someone who appreciates the work that goes into each creation -- because I certainly didn't before I started knitting -- that will be beyond selfishness.

The knitting of alligator #2 has been a respite for my mind. You'll see that the sock is sitting on a letter...from my former principal...of recommendation. I can't believe we're contemplating what we're contemplating. (And I can't believe I'm writing about it OUT LOUD.)

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