Friday, January 05, 2007

Creative Reflections

This will be my third post without photos. Oops, I'm breaking one of the unwritten laws of knit(etc)blogs. In my defense, the batteries just died in the camera whilst I was attempting to download photos of my new green sock, which has consumed my mental energy all week. (More on this little morsel of wooly goodness when the camera is back up.)

Instead, I'll write a new year's post, one that makes no resolutions (can't remember ever keeping one), but reflects on the creative endeavors of 2006.

in 2006 I made:

1. A baby. Small, blonde, blue eyes. She was cooking along as an embryo at the year's dawn. We caught our first sight in March at the ultrasound, then met her in person in July, ten days before her due date, but certainly not early. Eight pounds, five ounces of zen-like calm. Baby E, newest member of the KnitSmith family.

2. A master's degree.

3. the age of 30.

4. A three-year-old's knight costume for Halloween, complete with breastplate, dragon motif, and awesome bias-cut drapey swirly cape. Plus a sword.

5. 1500 words in English Journal. My first nationally published article.

6. 10,000 sweater designs in my mind.

7. umpteen batches of cookies and banana bread with Mr. D.

8. compost.

9. warshcloths, socks, scarves, baby sweaters, and, incidentally, a lifelong passion.

10. many firsts: first 100% wool...first cable work...heck, first PURL occurred in 2006.

11. a blog. A fledgling.

In my typical perfectionist way, I've been down on myself for Not Knitting Enough. Not Enough to justify the expenditure of mini-stash and the books I'm already collecting...Not Enough for myself...Not Enough for my kids...Not Enough gifts.

But when I look at this list, it seems more than enough.

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JulieFrick said...

Hey, Dana- I love your list. Also, whenever I read descriptions of those calm Zen babies, it gives me hope. For the Biscuit's first year of life, you wouldn't have caught me making banana bread. Heck, no. I barely had the strength, energy, or time to heat up a veggie burger. Thanks for taking the time to blog even without photographs- this is a great post.