Saturday, January 20, 2007

New beginnings...

So the Seahawks didn't win. But it was an awfully good game (excuse the oxymoron). Our boy Josh Brown would have made the field goal, if we only could have gotten that last first down...(oxymoron again?) So now we've switched our allegiance to New Orleans, if only because we feel sort of sorry for them. Everyone likes a Cinderella story.

On the knitting front: I'm in the throes of an Elizabeth Zimmermann obsession. In the past few weeks I have haunted the library stacks, devouring:
Knitting Around
Knitting Without Tears
Knitting Workshop

I also checked out Meg Swansen's book and A Gathering of Lace (edited by MS) and two Barbara Walkers (Charted Designs and Knitting From the Top). I LOVE THESE BOOKS. They make me think, dream, imagine, chart, and design in my mind. I've resolved to start on a sweater this week. My first sweater. Yikes...and yay!

I'm thinking Cascade 220, raglan sleeves, for Mr. D, using Elizabeth's Percentage System. He'll pick the colors, so we'll end up with Spider-Man red & blue I'm sure, like his baby cable scarf.

He's also requested spider-man socks, which has got my mind going on the possibilities of a slip-stitch pattern in black, red, and blue, hence the Barbara Walker book. I think I found a possibility. I need to order some more Silja yarn--it's the only sock yarn I can find in the bright red and bright blue I need--and then swatching will commence.

And, finally, because my hands itched too much while reading Knitting From the Top, I swatched out my KnitPicks Essential Solid sock yarn. 7.5 spi on size 2s, 7 spi on size 3s, so I've started a pair of 64-stitch socks, another 4-stitch repeat design from Sensational Knitted Socks. The yarn is their color "Dusk," which is a soft denimy blue, perfect for wearing with jeans. The learning curve on this project is TWO SOCKS at once on TWO CIRCULARS, the instructions for which I found when I downloaded KnitPicks' boot sock pattern.

Well, now that I've dumped out two weeks' worth of knitting in one big knitting vomit, I'll have to pace myself for a while. And take pictures.

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