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The Deathly Hallows

1. Are you going to look at every possible spoiler you can before the book comes out? Did you with HBP and how accurate were the ones you saw?

I did a bit of poking about, but then felt dirty. And most of the poking I did ended up being wrong, anyhow, and was distracting from the actual story and the author's intentions. She has not let me down yet, and I trust her. No spoilers here. I will do my best to avoid them at all costs, and if anyone intentionally spoils I will be SO MAD.

2. What will you do if Amazon (or whoever;) doesn’t deliver your copy on time and everyone is reading it except you?

Well, at risk of sounding like a hyper-crunchy nincompoop, I plan on purchasing my copy through my local independent bookseller, because I try to support local businesses, especially yarn stores and bookstores, as much as possible. Yes, it will be at Costco for cheaper, but Costco won't host an awesome party and hand me my book at midnight, will they?? Huh???

I went to the release party at Village Books for HBP and loved it--the energy was wonderful, and I loved seeing all of the families out to enjoy the book. I even met a little girl (2nd grade, maybe?) whose mother let her dye her hair red to "be" Ginny. Now that's love. Starting the book at 12:01 after your favorite bookseller hands you the book amongst a crowd of fellow fans is head and shoulders above any other option for purchase of said item.

3. Will you read the last chapter before anything else? Are you planning to read the book all in one go or are you a slow reader?

I do NOT read last chapters first. EVER. I will admit to occasionally skipping/skimming paragraphs in order to get to the action (in some books) but for this one I will try to slow down and savor it, because for the first time since I started reading the books in 2000, when it's over, IT'S OVER.

My reading of both books five and six was lengthened by the fact that M and I had a reading pact; we read much of both books aloud to each other on long drives, and we agreed that neither party could get more than one chapter ahead of the other person. Since I am the faster reader--albeit with less retention--it was excruciating at times, but worth it. And he read Dumbledore's death scene before me and KEPT IT A SECRET and then came and held me while I sobbed...husbands are the best.

4. What’s your theory on the meaning of “Deathly Hallows?”

There are too many loose ends with Sirius, and since JKR is the most efficient and reasonable writer I know of at tying up loose ends, I believe that Harry will pass through the veil into some sort of capital-U-Underworld. This will be the site of the final battle with Voldemort, and I think it will also be the Deathly Hallows.

5. What’s the craziest Harry Potter theory you’ve got, which you could only share with your trusted f-list?

Since I don't read the spoilers or message boards I have no idea if this is out of whack or totally unoriginal, but I think that Neville is going to die in order to spare Harry. I think the prophecy allows for that famous prophecy fudge factor, and that Neville is "the other" referred to because of the shared birthday with Harry. "Neither can live while the other survives" leaves enough room to kill Voldy but not Harry if Neville is the sacrifice.

I also believe that Draco will repent and come over to the good side; this was the reason that Snape killed Dumbledore instead of letting Draco do it: to leave space for Draco to choose the right.

6. If you could write in a sub-plot of your own choosing to the main Harry one, what would it be?

Geez, it wouldn't be S.P.E.W.!

7. Who do you think will die in the book, and who would you be most upset to see die, even if you don’t think it’s likely?

Voldemort (I hope). Probably one of the main-ish characters. I would be very sad to see Lupin or Mr. Weasley die. I could see Ron growing a pair, declaring his love for Hermione, and sacrificing himself.

8. Name three main (ish) characters who you think will definitely live and why. Is there a very minor character(s) you really want to have a happy ending?

Harry, Hermione, and Draco will live.

9. If you don’t like the book, or are bitterly disappointed by it, do you think you’ll still stay a fan?

I've had other series where my dislike of latter books have colored my original love for the earlier books. Even so, I have faith that Rowling will keep her characters' and her world's integrity, and that's all I ask. Will I be sad if there is a tragic ending? Yes, of course, and disappointed that sunshine and rainbows don't appear as Dumbledore pops out from behind a statue and says "Just kidding!" But there is a wholeness to tragedy, too, and as long as the characters continue to act in ways that are consistent, plausible, and human I will never lose my love for these books.

· Snape: good, evil, own agenda?

· Bill: will he help Remus or just be on permanent honeymoon? Bill, schmill.

· Peter: a Gryffindor moment or not? Unredeemed, unrepentant.

· Harry: is he a Horcrux? Can I split the difference and say that his SCAR is, but that HE isn't?

· The Weasleys: will they all survive? I certainly hope so. Though Percy can take a long walk off a short pier as far as I'm concerned.

· If no to the above: who won’t? Perhaps one of the twins?

· Did Snape love Lily: Hmmm, never thought about it.

· Hogwarts: will they go back to school or not? No, or if so, not to attend school. And I'm interested to see how the narrative works without the frame of the school year. (Alert: English Teacher!)

· Remus and Tonks: will they get married in the book? Maybe they'll just BE married. I don't want to waste a lot of time on them.

· Bellatrix: who will be her nemesis? Neville. Or, ooh, Sirius returned from the dead!

· The new leader of the OotP is …?
Professor McGonagall

· Percy: will he see the error of his ways or not? No. Sort of like my uncle who became a Republican.

11. If Harry could take just one adult Order of the Phoenix member with him on the search for Horcruxes, who should it be and why?

I don't think he needs any adults, he's certainly proven that. Possibly Lupin, who is now the closest thing to a father he has. But Ron & Hermione should be enough; possibly adding Krum for a love triangle...

12. Will Remus and Greyback have a confrontation in human or werewolf form? Will Tonks be involved? Who will the other werewolves support?

Werewolves will not come to the Order's side until the MoM recognizes "half-breeds" as equal to wizards.

13. Who is the person from Harry’s class (and it isn’t him, Ron or Hermione), who will become a Hogwarts teacher? What subject will they teach?

Lavender: divination

14. Do you think Harry will observe Remus looking less lined and walking with a little more of a spring in his step? If so, do you think he'll attribute it to Tonks, and if he does, will he blush?

Heck, I'M blushing imagining werewolf/shapeshifter sex.

15. Will Ginny use, "But Professor Lupin saw the futility of being a noble prat!" for one of her million arguments with Harry about why they should be together? Do you think they’ll get back together at all?

He's sacrificing Ginny to keep her safe as opposed to Lupin who was denying Tonks's love because he felt unworthy of it. I think Harry and Ginny will be separated for the duration of the book and this will strengthen rather than shred their love.

16. Which house do you think Tonks is in, and why? Is she going to morph into someone important and who will it be?

I LIKE Tonks but think it's too late for her to be important.

17. Who will be revealed to be the heir of Gryffindor?

Um, wasn't Harry already de facto heir when he got the sword in book 2?

18. As JKR has promised the final chapter will be like an epilogue; how do you think the final paragraph (hopefully) donated to Remus’ future, and/or Tonks’, and/or anyone else you want to write a paragraph on, will read?

If only I could write like Rowling. (And I'm sensing the person who composed these questions is a big Tonks/Lupin fan.)

19. Which question from the books would it annoy you most not to have answered?

My number one choice is Katie's question: What is the root of Dumbledore's unshakeable faith in Snape?

Another niggling question for me is, if Petunia hated her sister's being a witch so much, basically disowning Lily and James, why did she promise to watch Harry all these years (regardless of how well she did it)? What prompted her vow to Dumbledore?

20. What do you think the last line of the book is?

The End. (Stealing again from Katie at One Scheme of Happiness. Well Said, Dear!)

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Katie said...

I love the midnight book parties at local bookshops! I attended one with HBP and it was so much fun and PACKED with people.

So sweet that your DH knew what was coming and was there to comfort you when Dumbledore died. Aw!

I like your theory that Neville may die to save Harry and still fulfill the prophecy. Hmmm...I will have to keep that one in mind when I reread the books and see if I can gather some "evidence."

It is funny and clearly evident that the creater is crazy for Lupin/Tonks.

Love you answers! Very thought-provoking.