Tuesday, April 07, 2009

a knitting weekend (sans photos)

It is spring break--finally--and we have spent the last four days just winding down.  It has been fab.  We fired up the ol' Firebolt (AKA our 1985 VW Vanagon) and headed for Olympia to visit my in-laws, then out to the Olympic Peninsula for one night of camping.  (We are easing the kids back into the camping routine--we hope to do a lot of it this summer.)

The weather was glorious--the kind of weather that (almost) makes up for the past 4 months of rain, snain, slush, snow, hail, and more rain.  We could see Mount Rainier from almost everywhere we drove; yesterday from our campsite we could see the glorious peaks of the Olympics silhouetted against the ice-blue sky, and this morning we set our sights on Mount Baker and headed for home.  (First volcano on the right and straight on until morning?)

I also did just a teensy bit of knitting--I finished the body of the Liesl I started for myself then quickly realized the gauge was all fubared but said oh well and it'll be for my tiny, athletic best friend--I also started a February Lady Sweater for myself and ohmigosh I can't believe how much I love knitting with Dream in Color Classy.  I am in love.  I will probably go back to my old reliable Cascade 220 for the next project (I just can't always justify the $18.00 a skein price, although for 250 yards that is a reasonable expensive, if that makes sense) but, whew.  How you gonna keep 'em down on the farm after they've seen Paree??

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