Friday, March 27, 2009

Final (?) FO for March

It's the ubiquitous February Sweater!  It was Miss E's turn and this knit was fast and rewarding.  Taking just about 2.5 balls of Moda Dea Wool-Silk blend, I followed some mods suggested on Ravelry for upsizing it to about a size 2T-3T, totally jettisoned EZ's sleeve directions in favor of my own top-down mojo, and left the garter stitch off the hem.  I'll update the ravelry link with the specific modifications this weekend.

This yarn was fun to work with and softened up considerably after steam-blocking--the flecks of lighter color are the silk, I think, and it lends the garment a really beautiful charm.  I would definitely use this yarn to make a grown-up version, maybe in black.  (Although didn't I just vow not to knit black lace?)

Happy Friday--

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