Sunday, March 22, 2009

Computer woes

R. I. P. Grape Jelly
Gone but not forgotten
Our Mac--a purple iMac we bought in 1999--may have finally gone to the great Apple Store in the sky. It's been hanging along on life support for weeks, starting up only sporadically, whining in anguish, giving out in the middle of a browser session. But we fooled ourselves--you always do, don't you?--that we had more time, that the party wasn't quite over, that our little Grape Ape would always be there, its tiny little screen smiling at us when we booted it up.
We clearly have mastered the Denial stage.
What comes next? Anger--anger at the bad economy, at the society that tells us we have to have a computer, at the choice between new flooring (which we'd been shopping for, dammit!) and a lifeline to the world of the Interwebs, a place we really like to spend time. (And pay our bills, and research for work, and keep in touch with family and friends...)
The OK news is that we can live without ol' Purple Haze, for a while, anyway, because we do have another computer, albeit a cobbled-together PC (blugh) that was purchased by my dad for my husband so they could play Guild Wars together. As such, it has very little software, a crap monitor, and a keyboard so clickety-clackity that I sound like a 1950's variety show while I'm typing this.
It's decision time. Do we stimulate the economy and take the plunge for a new Mac? or do we do the uber-responsible thing and limp along with our ClicketyClacker until the flooring is installed and paid for???????

Oh--and in knitting news, I finished my daughter's February Sweater and picked the perfect buttons, but I have no photos because problems. Urgh! But it's really cute! I promise!

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