Saturday, April 25, 2009

The finished gift

I just love putting together baby gifts.  And this one was particularly thrifty--I think the most expensive item I bought was the yarn for the sweater.  I found the pants on sale at a discount shop ($2 for two pairs), the shoes at Target, the socks at Tuesday Morning...the book, which you can't quite see, is the only full-price item.  I even used my Jo-Ann 40% off coupon for the buttons...$.98.

I hope this doesn't sound like I'm a skinflint.  I love to buy presents but so often you spend a lot of $$ for not a lot of return.  Especially baby stuff, which is outgrown in the blink of an eye!  

What do you like to buy for baby gifts?  what do you like to receive yourself?


Julie said...

Thanks for the comment! Light really is the key isn't it? I had no idea how important it would be to pictures of our children when we bought our house 6 1/2 years ago! Our house has THE WORST natural light you've ever seen - it's definitely something I'll look for in our next home.

Do you get emails back if I just respond to your comments from my email??? I've been wondering about that...

amy said...

Ooo, what a pretty sweater - makes me think Monet.

I can never seem to pull together baby goodies in a timely fashion, at least not without spending a bundle, so I applaud you. Other than being sucked in by tiny "oh now, how cute is that" things in Target, I tend to bestow my knitted gift all on its lonesome(often breathlessly, trying to deliver it before the baby is ready for prom) and assume that the sheer miracle of my managing to complete something is enough! I've been stuck on gifting baby blankets for a while (at least they can't grow out of those, right?).