Monday, August 06, 2007

In which a swallowtail takes flight

In current news, I got my Ravelry invite! Username Wordpurler--come say hi!

I'm slowly catching up my knitblogging to my actual knitting. I just love knitting so much...and we've had such a busy summer...and so much of my computer time has been taken up with MS3 e-mails...that even though I've had so much to say, not much of it has actually ended up here. That's the irony. I have a lot to say this summer...thoughts, ideas, commentary on other blogs, the purpose of blogging, courtesy on the internet, books I've read...when I started blogging, tentative as it was, I wondered if I'd have enough to say. I stressed about it being PUBLIC (as though the knitting community would be knocking down doors to find my little site, just one among the hordes, a fledgling flying with the flock). Now I wonder if I can ever stop having things to say.

Two weeks ago, we dressed up as HP characters and headed off to our local bookstore's Deathly Hallows release party. M was Professor Lupin--he really looked like him! Got double-takes all night--I was Molly Weasley, and Mr. D was Harry in his Invisibility Cloak. There were approximately 1857 kids dressed as Harry that night, but none in Invisibility Cloaks...nice.

My Molly costume looked pretty good, I thought; I bought an oversized wool cardigan at Goodwill and embroidered old knitting swatches with "M" and "W", then sewed them onto the sweater. I teased out my hair and wore bright earrings, shirt, socks, and shoes. At the last minute I decided to wear my Swallowtail shawl--I know Molly doesn't probably have much time for knitting for herself, what with all those Christmas sweaters, but if she did knit for herself, a bright red shawl seems just the ticket. I draped it over my shoulders and we set off.

It was, as they say, a dark and stormy night, and most of the festivities were outdoors on the Village Green. Fire contests...butterbeer--thank goodness for natural fibers, because my (wool) sweater and (wool) socks kept me warm and semi-dry until the craziness had ended.

There was more excitement in store for me than just finishing the saga I've been reading since 1999, though.

- to be continued -

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Katie - The Knitting Mama said...

Oh, I wish I would have gone to that release party! We were even up there too! Oh well, I really enjoyed the book which I took my time reading (about two weeks) since I was so busy with babies and kids and knitting and laundry and weaving and... well, you know. My MS3 is being neglected as well, although I am determined to finish my adapted version. You are so lucky to have received a Ravelry invite! I can't wait for mine - I want to know what all the buzz is about! :)