Saturday, January 08, 2011

Strawberry shortcake slippers

Miss E's class is the Strawberries. Her sister class is the Shortcakes. She loves both teachers fiercely.
She asked for red and pink slippers for them for their holiday gifts.

We made two special trips to the yarn store to find the perfect yarns. Trolling the button aisle at JoAnn, she found the perfect buttons for each.
I sneakily scoped their shoe sizes, possibly causing them to think I had some sort of fetish.

Luckily they were about the same size as me, so I could felt to fit.
Thanks to the magic of Ravelry, I discovered a modification to the French Press Slippers pattern that let me do them in one piece--mildly fiddly, but nothing in comparison to the seaming I normally do.

The best part? Her pride in giving her teachers something that they love and use, made specially for them.


Julie said...

I love these slippers. My second pair (both gifts) is waiting to be felted now. I really need to finish them up so I can make a pair for myself!

Toni said...

Oh, how adorable!!!!

Laurie said...

D - Your talents and Ms. E's taste have produced some serious uber-slippers here. Love the design and the intense tones and the perfectly-chosen buttons. Somehow, the pink ones sing to me.
Your pal,
And, BTW, the post in which you visited the yarn store and called out the condescending clerk(s) inspired me to keep working on "keepin' it narrative" as much as possible in my own posts. Muchas gracias, writer.
p.s. Also, if you add an RSS feed button and/or a follow button, I'll feed or follow. (fish or fowl-o?)