Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I have a lovely friend who writes lovely things and she is inspiring me to rediscover this space as mine.

She's writing two lovely blogs and on the second she is telling all about the books she's reading and what action each inspires her to take. Imagine Amazon.com crossed with your best reading friend crossed with Ben Franklin and that's what it is.

So what has life brought me these months of silence?

Is there anything cuter than a baby snuggled up wearing a handknit you made him?

This is my darling new nephew, who joined us shortly before Thanksgiving.

I've been reading a lot of knitting books and magazines of late. For some reason, like Dumbledore, I enjoy reading the patterns. Of course there is the "I want to make this" factor, but I also just love the mathematics and precision and artistry of them.

Lately, I've started crocheting more. I'm still not super proficient but am gaining in dexterity and speed. I made a tree topper for our Christmas tree, and have noodled around with a few other projects. My gauge is super-dee-duper tight and I'm working on making the movements more natural and less wince-inducing. I can see the potential--it's the learning curve that's daunting.

My takeaway from all of this night-time reading and imagining fibery goodness is to take some of my other reading and make it concrete. Like my friend, creating action items from what I read will help bring it into relief in my life: what place does this have? And does it help me achieve my goals?

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Kranenburg Family said...

Nephew K welcomes any and all handknits for his whole life long. Mwah!