Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dog Days

I'm not sure exactly when the dog days are supposed to be, but we have hit them. It is muggy and sweltering and humid (did I mention muggy?), which may sound redundant but isn't in this case--it's muggy x3.

For a region that receives as much rain as we do, we're not really used to high humidity plus high heat (we usually get one or the other) and we PNDub-ers just can't handle it. We wilt and fuss

We spent the morning at the Children's Museum in Everett, which was a hoot and a half. It's a really well done museum--very hands-on, lots to do, clever and fun--and well worth the hour's drive to get there.

It is a great afternoon to hole up in the downstairs (which is nice and cool), put on an episode of Buffy (I'm re-watching season 2), and sew and knit to my heart's content.

Here's what I've been knitting, with near obsession:

Ballband Warshcloths.

These two are for my cousin's birthday on the ninth...I have three or four more that seem to have spontaneously generated themselves from my stash of Sugar 'n' Cream, because I certainly don't remember knitting them. I'm calling that set "Tubular Tropical" because they are these crazy '80's colors. Once I get the latest one off the needles, I'll show you the set.

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