Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Diana is close to Dana, right?

Finally, a reason to learn intarsia:

I'm sure I'm not alone in flashing back on days playing in the backyard, wearing nothing but WW Underoos and a couple of bits of aluminum foil around my wrists. (Even if I am alone in this, I don't care.)

The best part about this sweater is searching out her notes on how she researched it. I'm glad she went with the plain WW on the front rather than the eagle.

Spinning in place to see if I become a superhero,

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Anonymous said...

What a flippin' cool design, and for a grown-up! Oh yes, I remember those Wonder Woman Underoos. Finally, a justification for keeping them stored away for 30 niece wore my sister's set for Halloween last year. Foil wristbands and all.