Tuesday, June 09, 2009

A great mail day

I still get a thrill when I get mail.  

Real mail, that is, not credit card offers, political flyers, ads for Wal-Mart, or incredibly depressing investment statements.

So imagine my excitement when I opened up the mailbox and found, first:

The shaven head of Stephen Colbert.

The most hilariously unironic issue of Mary Maxim ever. 

I mean, sequin art?  Really?

And this little exciting number all the way from the UK--

I had forgotten I ordered the hard copy as well as the e-version.  It is such a cute little booklet, so professional.  I imagined something hand-made on a color copier, stapled together like those 'zines that were popular back in the '90's, but it's actually perfect-bound.  

Well worth it for the gorgeous patterns as well as to support a fabulous designer.

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Toni said...


I love bad craft catalogs! Growing up in the 70s, it brings back such memories....:) (And really horrible nightmares of a poncho done in red & blue with Red Heart yarn....there were even pom poms........)