Sunday, February 01, 2009

Scum Update

So Project Bathtub is going OK so far. Daily sprayings and more conscientious attention to its needs are keeping it sparkly. We just used up the first batch of my home-made shower spray and it seems to have been effective, except in one major department: the smell.

After spraying, it makes the bathroom smell like a vodka and pickle factory. The essential oils in the Bi-O-Kleen were in no way powerful enough to overcome the alcohol & vinegar odors.

So when I mixed up this batch I added about 4 drops of a "Fizzy Lemon" home fragrance oil from the Body Shop that I had hanging around. I would have preferred to use a 100% oil but that's all I could scrounge up.

Just used the spray and the pickle/vodka scent is much at least it smells like Absolut Citron.

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