Monday, January 19, 2009

Sweet Coraline

Today, when we stopped for lunch on the way home from Olympia, my kids got a kids meal with a "Coraline" toy.

I asked my husband, "Have you read Coraline? By Neil Gaiman? Because I read it a few years ago and first of all I don't remember the plot at all except that I remember it being kind of creepy and disappointing and not my favorite."

He got this weird look on his face. "Coraline?" he asked.

"Yes, by Neil Gaiman."

"As in 'Sweet Coraline'?"

"Well, I don't remember that from the book," I said. (He teaches third grade, so he often is more up on the world of kids/YA lit than me, although we both love it.)

He still had this weird look on his face. One of those I'm-being-patient-with-you-but-I-think-you're-a-few-sandwiches-short-of-a-picnic looks.

"Like the song?" he asked. "'Sweet Coraline, duhn duhn duhn....Good times never felt so good,'" he sang.

I nearly spit root beer out my nose. I'm sure it's not the first Gaiman/Diamond misunderstanding, but "Sweet Coraline" has got to be a first.

Oh, and I finished a sweater! Let it be proclaimed throughout the land--two sweaters in two months! (Should probably post pics.)


Jody said...

Ha! Love that. And yeah, I haven't read Coraline yet, but just the trailers look a little too dark for a kids' movie. At least, my kids.

gayle said...

I loved Coraline!
And I was quite surprised to find out his last name actually rhymes with Cayman, rather than diamond. (He pointed it out on his blog.) That helped a lot with the Neil confusion...

G Rock said...

Check out this link to actually hear it..

Julie said...

Ha, love that! Early on dating my husband U2's "Sunday Bloody Sunday" came on the radio and I was belting out "Someday Darling Someday!" It's still one of his favorite "Dumb Julie" stories to tell!

Thanks for the comment on my blog - it's nice to hear from other teachers. (Especially in the area!)