Sunday, December 09, 2007

In which it snows

It was raining and pouring the other it's snowing.

28 degrees F is very cold for my area. Drivers do not know how to cope, unless they are very competent (like my spouse, who despite being a wet-sider does not seem to equate snow with imminent vehicular destruction and death) or grew up in a snowy climate, like myself or my mother-in-law. (We grew up in Spokane and Minnesota, respectively.)

I realize, though, when it snows here how much I miss actual winter. considering I no longer ski, it shouldn't make that big of a difference in my everyday life, but it does. I miss the serenity...the quitness...the remembrance that humans are not all-powerful...the fun, the cold, the boots, the wet mittens, the sledding, the snowmen, and the just plain everydayness of stomping your feet when you come inside, grateful for warmth.

So now the question is: will we have school tomorrow? After last school year's record seven snow days (due to major snows after thanksgiving then our big wind storms and power outages in December), the district made some scheduling changes. But we are still likely to go out at a moment's notice...

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Jody said...

I'm hoping for a snow day. (And that baby E is feeling better!)