Wednesday, December 05, 2007

In which I draft

I posted post #101 the other day. (Yes, I'm bad at marking significant dates.) That is, I THINK I did...but as I scrolled through my post manager, I noticed something odd: TONS of draft posts that never saw the light of day.

I'm a perfectionist, and as such have a hard time not being perfect at things. Knitblogging without hard drive space, for instance, is driving me nuts! No pictures, as I must have said a thousand times before on here, equals boring bad knitblog equals me not wanting to blog and then missing the blog and then feeling like a blog poseur for having a blog that gets updated approximately as often as my husband will relent and purchase new underwear. That is, not fricking often.

At the same time, I want this to be more than my knitblog. Because progress photos and lists of purchases, especially when time is tight so progress is geologically slow, and money is tight so purchases are nonexistent--well, that would be ONE BORING KNITBLOG.

So here's my end of 2007 resolution: post daily until the end of 2007, pictures or no. Try to make posts interesting (don't you hate those blogs that say things like, "There wasn't anything blogworthy this week" and then proceed to blah blah blah about minutae, but not in an interesting or thought-provoking way? Those disappear from my favorites pretty fast.)

So posts will be interesting, blogworthiness will be conjured from the depths of my most creative self.

And there are 2.5 weeks until winter break!!

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Toni said...

Good for you! Blogging daily has certainly been a challenge for me, but I also think it's been a very positive one. Not that I'm not looking forward to December 13 with all my heart......

Good luck! I promise to start checking in daily to see how you progress