Monday, June 04, 2007

In which I receive my birthday present

My birthday present; my preciousss.

It arrived today--so small, yet containing so much power. With its contents, I will unlock the very fiber of the knitting universe; I will hold the key to spot-on gauge from fingering to bulky. I'll crook my finger; the fabric will respond, under the spell of my nickel-plated instruments.

I have invested in the KnitPicks Options needle set.

(I'd love to post pictures of my precious, but the camera has gone on walkabout. Both M and I remember setting it out to take to a wedding on Saturday, but for the life of us we can't lay hands on the little bugger.)

Mr D helped me unwrap everything and get my notebook of needles set up. I love the ingeniousness of it all. I haven't actually knit any stitches with them yet but hope to do so tonight. I'm about halfway through the ribbing on one sleeve of my shrug (using an Addi Turbo, that $12.95 whore) and I don't want to change horses midstream. I plan on using the Options on the other sleeve's ribbing and really be able to compare the feel of the two types of needles.

I have already used the cables and the cable caps to replace the circulars that I repurposed as stitch holders for the shrug's back and other sleeve--convenient, easy, and really solid.

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