Friday, June 15, 2007

In which I mourn my camera

The camera is...most likely...a casualty of my casual relationship with possessions.

Hence the week-long lapse in's not that fun to read a knitblog without photos, is it?

I did finish the Stefanie Japel shrug, and wore it out and about on Wednesday. I kept wanting people to stop and say, "Did you KNIT that?!" as though it were obvious; had to keep remind myself of my mom's rule--handed down from Aunt Iva, of course--that one strives to make clothing that DOESN'T look homemade.

The shrug turned out really well (imagine photo here!), but I'm not sure that I'm crazy about the Cascade 220 superwash. After washing and blocking, the fabric has a sort of floppy quality that seems rather un-wooly. There's a good review of it here--it's always nice to find a link that expresses my opinion for me. If I were to make this again I think I'd go with plain old Cascade 220.

Next projects? Well, I still need to finish my swallowtail shawl...I have the gorgeous yarn for another sweater out of Fitted Knits...and some sock yarn that's calling my name. I'm ready to tackle Cat Bordhi's Coriolis sock.

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