Monday, April 02, 2007

Bumper Stumper: Attitude Problem

Driving home from Tacoma yesterday, we spotted this little beauty:


To me, this represents all that's wrong with our society. Our focus on individualism to the expense of community, our focus on--ahem--assertiveness to the expense of courtesy, our general short-sightedness about the value of other people.

I've read three different blog posts in the past few weeks about commenters who range from insensitive to just plain rude (here, here, and here).

Part of this is the illusion created by blogs that because you've been reading about a person, you have reached a MUTUAL level of comfort and knowledge. But part of it is a genuine lack of courtesy in our society.

Being rude--or lacking the writing skills to write carefully when commenting, as I suspect is often the case--on blogs is just as bad as being rude in person, and using your car to call total stranger a**holes is, well--takes one to know one, eh?

Now, lest anyone think I lack a sense of humor about bumper stickers, the same car with the attitude problem also had a aqua ribnet proclaiming "Support Strippers."

Now THAT I found amusing.

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Dipsy said...

I can't agree more with you! Fortunately I didn't have to encounter rude comments on my blog so far - though I'm well aware that this will come sooner or later - but rudeness in society in general turns me off so very much! I'm often shocked about the general rudeness and ignorance of young people these days - but the main encounters with this that I've been having lately were with older people. Well, then, how could a young person learn some sort of "diplomatic" skills in talking and generally acting humanely when their parents don't have these skills either and thus aren't able to educate them properly? It's a shame and it's sad indeed - but fortunately not everyone is like that - there's still hope out there! ;)