Friday, January 06, 2012

Six Days In! Among other things...

This is what my food has looked like A LOT lately.

Green stuff, plus purple stuff, plus assorted other crunchy stuff, plus an oil/vinegar/spice-or-two/lemon-juice dressing. Plus meat. It's disconcerting how much meat--and how many eggs!--I have personally consumed this week. It's quite the diet whiplash, this nonchalance about fats and cholesterol. Or, rather, this rejiggering of the dietary priorities.

Basically, meal after meal, I am eating big piles of food. Which is good, because I really like pile-style food. Mix-ins have been a favorite culinary flourish of mine since I was a kid--some more healthful than others--so I don't mind. (Chili-mac. Yum.)

Since I sort of backed into this whole Whole 30 thing--"Hey, I know, why don't I go on a really restrictive elimination diet the day AFTER we do a huge grocery shopping trip?"--I had to scramble a bit this week; hence, the repetitive piles. This coming week I plan to plan a few real meals that the whole family can share, pre-bake or roast some root veggies, and pre-pack some snacks.

I haven't been too tempted so far, just being in the honeymoon stage, even by the large open bag of potato chips that ended up in my classroom computer lab. (That did look less appealing as the week went on though...) I did have a huge dessert craving last night and I invented a Whole-30 appropriate option in the nick of time: I diced up half an apple into about .5" pieces. I grabbed out the bag of almond meal from my gluten-free pie crust experiment and tossed about 1/4 cup over the apple chunks. Then, I added a LIBERAL amount of cinnamon (I'd guess at least a teaspoon) and a glug of lemon juice.

If I squinted my mouth, it tasted like apple pie.

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