Saturday, November 08, 2008

After the mods + NaKniSweMo

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I realized I never posted photos of the finished, modified aquatic raglan. So here you go. For Before shots, see the ravelry project page.

I have been wearing this sweater at least once a week since I finished it. I get unsolicited compliments every time I wear it, even from people who don't know I knit. To me, that's the mark of a well-fitting garment--when people say "You look nice!" rather than "Nice sweater."

So, yay for sucking it up and re-knitting it. I know I wouldn't be wearing version 1.0 once a week. It'd probably be the cat's bed or something.

Finishing this has inspired me to join in the NaKniSweMo madness. I have the yarn for two sweaters: Ingenue, by Wendy Bernard (love her new book, btw) and Green Gable/#28 by Mari Muinonen. Apparently this pattern was first published by Mari on her blog/website and available for free, but then purchased and re-published by Vogue Knitting in the fall 2008 issue.

I decided on the hoodie for NaKniSweMo because it's in a chunky/almost-bulky yarn and so I think it'll go a bit faster, even with the cable. Total impulse decision.

It'll be my first VK pattern, and thank goodness for Ravelry because there are some HUGE ERRORS in the instructions. Mari is a Raveler and she has posted a great thread in the group explaining some of the parts of the pattern that VK made more confusing, and fixing some of the issues.

The pattern calls for Wool-Ease chunky, which I got at Jo-Ann...I really hope that the amount of yarn will really be enough...The color selection was pretty slim, and I needed 7 balls for my size, which narrowed it down to just the Charcoal colorway--there weren't 7 balls of any of the other colors, and I didn't want to wait for an online order since November is rapidly ticking away...1/3 over on Monday! Yikes!

I'm going to a conference next week so I should have some travel/hotel time for working on the sleeves, and I'm already about 3 inches up the ribbing. Charcoal may not be an exciting color, but it'll be practical.

So, yay for sweaters, modifications, owning one's knitting, and rainy sweater weather.


Jody said...

Love the Japel sweater! It's one I've always wanted to make but been wary of. And the Green Gable is amazing--good luck with your version!

Kranenburg Family said...

Ohmygawsh, I've never seen that Green Gables pattern before. I think my heart skipped about 7 beats. After Dan's vest and G's Ziggy are done... I may have to get all Little Sister on you and copy!