Saturday, July 12, 2008

An Unfinished Week

Summer is lovely here. (When it's not raining.) This week has been gorgeous--blue skies, warm sun, the things other people in other parts of the country take for granted. I have wanted to be outside every second of every day. We have taken walks, gone running, watched our son ride his's been amazing.

The knitting and blogging have, of course, taken a hit in the time department. I just can't justify sitting inside with a pile of wool on my lap when I look outside at our beautiful flowers, I have a little girl running in saying "I need you, Mommy! Slide!" and there are parks to explore, summer smells to smell, cookies to bake, and books to read.

So the good news is that Lavender Diggory-Dolohov's items are done and I just need to add a few more items; it'll be in the mail on Monday! (Can I really have finished the knitted item so long ago??) The other good news is that, despite having to frog ONE ENTIRE SLEEVE (oh the anguish!) I am making good progress on M's Celtic Raglan, my Aquatic Raglan is nearly seamed & just needs a neckband, and I have 1.5 socks of a new pair. I'm not sure how all of these UFOs accumulated but I've been like a bee in a flower garden, sipping at each for a few seconds, then flitting off, then coming back.

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Toni said...

Summer is just not for knitting--or it isn't until the temp reaches into the high 90s and into the 100s. Then anything indoors is good! :)