Saturday, June 14, 2008

I caught the snitch!

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For teachers, the end of the year is simultaneously a sprint and a marathon. This year, in particular, I felt like I was trapped in one of those runaway mining cars in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom--just careening blindly toward who-knows-what. Family health issues...teaching two sections of AP for the first time...student research papers that were absolutely AWFUL but also a graduation requirement...and an unexpected family tragedy (on Thursday evening) made this final week of school unlike anything I've ever lived through.

But today I earned 150 points in the game of life. And the school year is over! My swap partner, Lavender Ackerly, sent me this awesome snitch, which hides a measuring tape inside its golden little body. (Hope I don't have to whisper, "I open at the close" to use it.)

She did specify that this gift confers no special snitch-finding ability when it comes to HSKS Quidditch...hoping for a Hufflepuff streak, I guess. Humph.

Thanks, Lavender! You made my week! And, yes, I will be doing LOTS of knitting this summer to make up for all those hours I lost this month commenting on horrific research papers...


Lavender A said...

I'm so glad you like it! I love the photo of your son. Hope everything is okay with the family...

Ingrid Ze Insightful said...

I was probably cowering in the back of your cart with you! I know exactly how the last week of school feels!! DX

That is a great picture of your son with the snitch, though! :D

Now that you're finally on summer vacation like I am, you can take some time to unwind!! *hugs*