Saturday, March 15, 2008

a listless list

It's that time of the school year. it's been slow, and it's weeks still until spring break, and we're in the middle of testing and there are still 3 yearbook deadlines and everyone's sort of already thinking about next year, because of registration, but we can't REALLY think about next year and it's kind of hard to have your feet in two years at the same time so we just, if we're me, feel listless, marooned, and hide-under-the-covers-y.

But good things have been happening with knitting.

  1. I saw an Alice Starmore St Brigid (ravelry link) in the wild last week, on a mom wandering the cafeteria during spring Parent's Night. I practically accosted her. It was an old school St Brigid, straight from the pages of Aran Knitting, and we both laughed with commiseration about how freaking expensive that book is and how we take it out from the library and hoard it as long as we can until we have to give it back. In fact, she said, "So YOU'RE the one who has it checked out!" which struck me as hilarious, because when it's not in and I want it, I always imagine some other Starmore freak, reading and rereading the pages, trying to get up the gumption to knit one of those gorgeous labors of love.
  2. I have finished a couple of key projects, started another, and am generally happy with the state of my knitting.
  3. I am wearing a hand-knit item nearly every day to school...scarf, socks, vest, hat, shrug...and this makes me inordinately happy
  4. We figured out what was plugging up our hard drive -- iTunes was, unbeknownst to us, saving new downloads onto the hard drive instead of our PERIPHERAL hard drive where it's supposed to -- and now I will be able to upload and share photos! So, as soon as I have a spare couple of hours (ha!) I will be sharing picks of recent FOs and all manner of fun things!